• All Focke customers may contact FOCKE to obtain assistance
    by telephone on +49 4231 891 3208 or by e-mail at Barssel:
    by telephone on +49 4499 82 400 or by e-mail at
  • Personal service between 8.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. CET (local time in Germany)
  • A standard mobile phone or smart glasses can be used
  • Free software is available with no additional licence fees
  • Work procedure


Work procedure

  1. First Contact to Focke (see above).
    The Focke contact person (by phone or email) explains the work procedure and the commercial procedure and shares the Remote Service Sheet.
  2. Exchange of base information in written form to prepare the service by using the Remote Service Sheet as:

    Contact data Customer name,
    machine type,
    machine number

    Needed support Problem description, photos and /or videos
    if applicable

    Preferred Contact Cell phone number or
    MS Teams connection, Preferred call-back date & time, language (DE/EN)

  3. Call back by Focke specialist to your contact person as defined in the Remote Service Sheet to perform the support. The support time will be recorded as of the start of this call and it ends when the case is closed (agreed between customer and Focke)
  4. If possible and useful, the Oculavis Share app can be used. The software is FOC for our customer and can be downloaded via your App-Store
  5. go to       or       choose "oculavis SHARE" 
    Otherwise a regular call or a MS TEAMS connection is recommended.
  6. After the service, Focke creates a short report which also might includes further handling recommendations. For further accounting a SAP CS work order will be created which allows the collection of the commercial and technical data.