As already presented during our Open House in 2017 and again in more detail in 2019 please bear in mind that as of 2020 we will start the transition from paper to Digital catalogs, and at the same time from 2D to 3D documentation. We will start providing the Spare Parts Catalog for our equipment in 3D. During the transition period we will initially not provide the entire Spare Parts Catalog in 3D.

    All documentation (Spare Parts Catalog, Operator & Maintenance Manual, etc.) will be delivered on data medium only (DVD) together with the machine/S-Orders, or can be available by beginning of Q1 2020 via the new Focke Portal.

    Applications forms for the new Focke Portal are available via:

  • Mrs. Spiess
    +49 4231 891-2555

Customer who have already the old Focke Documentation Portal access will be contacted by Mrs. Spiess (no action needed).

Paper copies will be optionally available for the operator and maintenance manual as well for the circuit diagrams/partslist.

Since the Spare Parts Catalog will be in 3D only, paper copies can not be provided.


The interactive Spare Parts Catalog enables quick navigation to the areas of the machine which you want to take a closer look at. The convenient search function allows you to find a specific part quickly and the various installation locations within the machine.

We are extending the interactive Spare Parts Catalog. We now present three-dimensional subassemblies instead of 2D graphics, further additional functions will follow in a later stage.

The installation location of parts and their installation sequence is clearly evident.
It is not necessary to install an additional browser. We supply everything you need in a single package.