Consent in the use of your data including your personal data for improving FOCKE & CO offerings and for informational and marketing measures by FOCKE & CO

You hereby agree that we may use the private data that you have provided (“user data” e.g. surname, first name, e-mail address, company, department and address) for conducting e-mail / online surveys (such as customer satisfaction surveys), or for advertising purposes such as for informing you about FOCKE offers.

Information via personalized e-mail

You hereby further agree that FOCKE & CO (GmbH & Co. KG), Germany, may collect, process and use your “user data” to send you marketing content (e.g. newsletters, invitations to events and trade fairs, etc.) and related to products and services of FOCKE & CO via personalized e-mail.
You understand that FOCKE & CO will determine your interest mainly based to the information you have viewed on or downloaded from FOCKE websites or the subscriptions you have chosen (if applicable).

You can revoke your consent at any time. If you wish to revoke your consent, please revoke these Terms of Use via the following Link for Data Support.